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My Story

I have what some might call an unusual background in both business and yoga. During my post-graduate working years I began to think about and study models of leadership as many of us do that are trying to be the best we can be. My book, The Yoga of Leadership, was a passion project of mine that I wanted to write after seeing that the philosophy and aspects of our consciousness learned in my yoga teacher trainings were relevant to many parts of life, especially leadership, including my own leadership. I felt certain that if I found the material helpful, it would be helpful to others as well. So I decided to organize my thinking for myself and for others.

Instead of having all that great knowledge bottled up for occasional use in a yoga mat class, I wanted to share it with a wide audience in a scalable way. So I embarked on a five-year, audacious effort to integrate yoga into leadership. Leveraging my professional and personal experiences, I share practical ideas that will resonate with you and your needs as a leader. In The Yoga of Leadership I integrate the benefits of yoga as the science of consciousness into a leadership context in a way that inspires and empowers you to lead a healthier and happier life, and better connect with and engage your team. All so that you can be the best leader you can be: conscious, connected, and inspiring. The Yoga of Leadership is receiving high acclaim and has been awarded WINNER in the Leadership AND Motivational categories and Finalist in the Wellbeing category in the 12th Annual The National Indie Excellence Awards and Finalist in the Motivational category for the 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

My work experience has allowed me to develop relationships with a wide variety of personalities in the global business arena, which was a key to my success. I’m good at reading people and connecting with them. I’ve directed billion-dollar fundraising events while ushering in commitments of capital from institutional investors in the private equity investment sector. I also forged new business ventures and relationships in Asia and Europe and advised entrepreneurs and executives on financing and marketing strategies.

Whether it is competitive Tennis, High Intensity Interval Training (HITT), cycling, or yoga, I’ve always made it a priority to stay physically fit. I’ve practiced yoga for over 20 years and I am a registered yoga teacher at the 500-hour level. Over the past five years, I’ve studied extensively with master teachers and private mentors to support my research. My fascination with human behavior and culture led me to concentrate my academic studies on international business. I was able to explore much of the world for business and pleasure. Global awareness continues to influence my writing, worldview, and perspective on life.


The systematic program that I share in The Yoga of Leadership has the promise of catalyzing organizational excellence through conscious leadership and well-being. I have moved my teachings off the mat and into the world, now sharing my work with college students and influencing positive change in the alternative investment arena through my investment business, Vidya Capital Partners ( I hope my book serves you well. It has been a privilege to write it.


I live in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts with my husband and two children. Privately, you’ll often find me tickling and snuggling with my two little ones in a selfish desire to soak in their sweetness, relax my nerves, and fill my bliss cup.

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